It is the passage of Halley's Comet in the sky Caribbean in June 1911, which marks the beginning of the history of chocolate ELOT. And this history is closely linked to that of Martinique. Indeed, what and how Martinique Martinique, child or adult, young or old, do not know the chocolate Elot? No, every generation confused. They live here or elsewhere, all grew up with the popular image and inimitable taste and natural famous chocolate bars, so typical of Martinique.

A jealously guarded recipe!
The taste of chocolate is unique because its Elot recipe consists exclusively of products coming from the earth, totally natural: cocoa beans from cultured for 30%, Martinique, Chocolate Elot that bring finesse and quality of the terroir of Martinique . Other beans have African origins (50%) which give the chocolate Elot its strength, depth and bitterness. 20% of the beans have origins Caribbean or from Central America.

Chocolate Elot is roasted in Martinique, in the Chocolate Lamentin where five people work and a master chocolatier.
Jealously guarded his recipe also contains natural vanilla and brown sugar Galion, from cane fields of Martinique.

CHOCOLATE ELOT features the logo on its packaging PIL (Product Industry Locale) which authenticates and promotes its origin ... in Martinique
Delicious on bread with a little salted butter, essential to melt in a little milk to make hot chocolate with exotic flavors, or simply excellent snack when the urge takes you, CHOCOLATE ELOT has a unique taste, slightly crunchy ...


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